Meaning of life..?

I believe the most important thing the theory of evolution has ever taught us, is that we are nothing more but fancy containers for DNA material. That is the most important thing because it puts us in the same box with all the other living organisms and lets us study life from a less personal and egotistical perspective.

We love the idea of identity and passionately live our lives in accordance with our self-proclaimed image, we feel special and superior and we leave ourselves no choice but to adapt to the idea that there must be some sort of higher meaning to our existence on this earth and in this universe. The theory of evolution – as well as many non-scientific ideologies/philosophies – suggests otherwise.

“The fact than nature set me, and you, in a path which allowed us to understand we exist, does not make us anything more, or less, than overly confused animals.”

Rational thinking easily refutes any supernatural character in the beginning of life event, or as biologists might call it the formation of the first replicator (first “DNA” molecule). The chemicals were there, swimming in the archaic primordial ocean, and energized by the radiation of the sun. Even the most improbable chemical reaction – such as the formation of a “life molecule” – was bound to occur, given the extremely large amount of time it had in its disposal (hundreds of millions of years). There is no magic meaning in the creation of DNA!
The theory of evolution armed us with undeniable evidence suggesting that all life originates from that first DNA molecule. There is no reason to believe that at some point along the process meaning appeared out of nowhere along with our species.

There are all sorts of struggles for the inhabitants of the terrestrial realm. Once upon a time, during what I like to call the era of the body, we struggled to survive in the wilderness. As we gradually partitioned from that lifestyle, for whichever the chance events that lead to such transition could have been,  we entered the era of the mind. Now we struggle to find meaning.

From my viewpoint it seems that evolution is a timeless state of transitioning, during which brief stable (and unstable) ones come into existence, driven by environmental pressures, or “struggles”. I believe the act of contemplating upon the meaning of life will bring us face to face with the environmental pressures – artificial or natural – we will be needing to overcome it, not need it anymore, or perhaps, even create it.
“As a matter of fact humans have been creating meaning for quite some time now, our life is fueled by tremendous imagination. Religion, patriotism, philosophy and the arts are some of the tools we have been using to do it.”

I don’t know about you, but for me personally, knowing that there is no absolute meaning and that I am the sole director of my existence fills me with an incredible sense of freedom. It means that I can choose to take any opportunity that comes my way, it doesn’t matter if it’s something big or small because there is no big or small. It doesn’t matter if I fail, or if I get rejected or if I make a fool of myself, after all, there is no absolute failure or rejection. All I have to do to succeed in life is to just, keep living it, keep creating positive meaning.

“We have a limitless imagination; we should use it to make everything mean something, something positive, something fun, it’s a delusion I know, but it works (plus you’ve been subconsciously – and maybe consciously as well – doing it anyway to attach negative emotions and irrational fears to many aspects of your life and that worked just fine and you know it).”