A simple algorithm to become a dominant man

Being dominant is a distinctive characteristic of alpha males in the animal kingdom. In men, it is a trait that emits confidence, satisfaction and fulfillment. So here is how you become dominant:

a) Create in your mind a model (i.e. A set of traits, followed by a mental movie etc…) of what you think a dominant male would be like.

b) Use that model to alter the way you perceive yourself. I.e. Become an actor, step into it, act as if that is you.

c) Expect everything to unravel according to the model as if that is the natural order of things. That is, don’t care who knows it or who sees it and don’t make excuses for it.

The same concept can also be applied to different contexts. e.g. How to become happy.
Eventually it grows on you and you become it. The process takes much less time than you’d think.


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