Stop complaining

Seriously stop! Its unattractive, unbecoming, and tiring for everyone; and frankly, its not what people want to hear no matter how much they may empathize with you. Also, there is no right time to complain, there is only a “less wrong” time to complain but even then you are still a killjoy.

Why do you complain???
-Do you honestly enjoy embracing negativity?
-Do you like spreading negativity around you?
-Is your aim to look weak and pessimistic?
-Do you expect your problems to magically disappear as soon as you spell them?
-Are they really that troubling?
-Do you just want someone to tell you everything will be okay? Will you be needing someone to tell you everything will be okay every-time something troubles you for the rest of your life?
-Do you not have ambitions to improve on the social sector of your life?
-Can you not bond with someone over something not negative?
-Do you not see how it brings you down when someone close to you is in a bad mood?
-Do you remember complaining on the best days of your life?

The funny thing is, you probably dislike it when people complain too. Most of the times we don’t even realize we are complaining, it’s just a bad habit we’ve picked up and it comes out naturally without us consciously thinking about it.

How to stop:
To complain is to express some form of dissatisfaction. Whereas oftentimes that dissatisfaction is only superficial, when complaining occurs constantly it is a sign of a more deeply rooted problem. The latter usually means you’ve been suppressing yourself for too long, and to the idle person, expressing negative thoughts is next “closest” thing to taking action. You need to start taking action. Any type of action will do, anything that will get you out of that bubble/comfort-zone you’ve been living in, because life is moving and its changing, and so should you. You may need small changes or you may need big changes in your life, that’s up to you to figure out, just stop complaining and do something about it.


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